Grocery Outlet Bargain Market

Yes, I do work at Fred Meyer but I do shop here occasionally because they have great vegan products that are cheaper than at Fred Meyer. Kyle and I had noticed this place but never went in because we thought they had poor quality products. But, we were wrong! They offer brand name products at up to 50% off conventional retail prices. They buy products from manufacturers when they have surplus inventory. Their inventory changes all the time. Don’t expect to buy the same product because many bargains are a one-time deal. One time they had Amy’s Tom Kha Phak, her Thai Coconut Soup. It is usually around $3 but at the Grocery Outlet it was around a dollar. I stocked up. The next time I went they did not have any more. There are stores in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

The other night I bought corn tortillas, agave, granola bars, cinnamon rolls, soy chorizo, Newman-O’s, 2 curry mixes, and fudge bars for $16.21. On the receipt it told me I saved $10.50!

new chorizo


new mocha


new mixes

$1.09 each

new granola bars


new newman o's


I also buy sabra hummus there a lot. They occasionally have almond and coconut milk for really cheap. One time Kyle got coconut milk for 50 cents! They also sometimes have Bolthouse Farms and Odwalla.

They also carry some great organic body products like Nature’s Gate.


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